Opera North 2010

Financial Times

Of recent interpretations‚ Opera North’s must rank as one of the best. First seen in 2003‚ it has been to Australia and back‚ and now returns stronger than ever – thanks to a first-class ensemble and a staging by Olivia Fuchs that tickles the imagination while respecting the mysterious simplicity of the tale.

Australia 2007


Olivia Fuchs’s direction unfolded a dream-like poem. ..  This was one of the year’s highlights.

The Australian

The cool austerity of director Olivia Fuchs’s production, originally created for Opera North in Britain, magnifies the sense of doomed love. The stylised nature of the set .highlights the insurmountable barriers between the human and spirit worlds. Fuchs’s direction brilliantly realises Rusalka’s ultimate alienation, rejected by humans and spirits alike for daring to assert her free will.  Interestingly, the production’s deliberate coldness intensifies the passion and ravishing beauty of Dvorak’s music.

The Opera Critic

An electrifying night at the opera
The economical mise-en-scene successfully mixed modern trappings with more traditional ones reminiscent of pre-Revolutionary Russia, and other more purely abstract…
One of the many highlights of the performance was the setting of the ballet music in Act II.  Here Rusalka, in white Victorian undergarments, is scorned by the courtiers as they begin their ball….. One of Opera Australia’s most successful outings of recent years.

Opera North 2003

Financial Times

Opera North’s new production...should not be missed...Olivia Fuchs’s production touched the heart chillingly.                  

Independent on Sunday

Olivia Fuchs’s new production for Opera one of the most harrowing experiences I could imagine recommending . It’s also one of the most fascinating; well directed, expertly sung and acted...


This is music theatre at its most powerful and affecting‚ as is Olivia Fuchs’s witty‚ stylish and equally moving new production of Rusalka.


It’s clear that director Olivia Fuchs has considerable talent - she is a gifted storyteller - unafraid to probe beneath the surface charms of Rusalka.

Sunday Times

The new production of Rusalka is also worth travelling a long way to see.