Opera Holland Park 2007


Olivia Fuchs’s tightly focused staging of Janacek’s heartbreaker rightly zeroes in on its tensions as a domestic drama‚ played out only in its latter stages as a public scandal


Opera Holland Park’s wonderfully simple production is all the stronger for playing it absolutely straight...All praise to Olivia Fuchs for trusting this tale to do its own work

Musical Pointers

Olivia Fuch’s production of Jenufa has received well deserved accolades from all sides. On a smaller budget and mounting her Jenufa in OHP’s new tent yields nothing to either of them. (Her OHP Fidelio easily eclpised Covent Garden’s recent production‚ and Macbeth too was one of the best regular operagoers can remember.) She has a dream cast of principals and malleable singer/actors for all the rest of a large cast‚ who have to be moved in and out of Jenufa’s foster-mother’s cramped living quarters across the wide and narrow stage at Holland Park. This is achieved with aplomb‚ and I particularly liked her management of the friends and villagers in the non-realistic scenes with dances...For the main protagonists‚ every gesture and movement was apt and telling. Most reviewers have concentrated on the singers‚ so I stress particularly Olivia Fuchs’ brilliant deployment of them all.

Director Olivia Fuchs...without doubt‚ she got to the heart of this grim but uplifting story.