Opera Holland Park 2003


Olivia Fuchs’s new staging for Opera Holland Park holds up a mirror to our times… Fuchs, however, combines images of the American far right with the opportunism of British spin to produce something frighteningly close to home. Fuchs’s jail is a cross between Guantanamo Bay and an American death-row penitentiary, where the prisoners cower in fear before the guards… I know of no other production of Fidelio that so unerringly captures the extremes of human suffering and the “nameless joy” attendant on its end.. This is an unforgettable piece of music-theatre in its own right. Very highly recommended.


A stirring new production of Fidelio..Olivia Fuchs’s modern-day setting catches the sweaty insecurity of tyranny.


When we first see the inmates of Olivia Fuchs’s notably successful production for Opera Holland Park, they are still immured, agued, twitching, blind. Like Beethoven’s score itself, the staging is wise and unpretentious; even before we reach the immured depths of Alan Oke’s gripping “special prisoner’, it said it all. What brought the on-your-doorstep awfulness home were well-observed directorial cameos far all the leads.


Fuchs’s production‚ triumphantly opening Opera Holland Park’s season‚ also proves this opera’s versatility. Fuchs’s direction... worked only wonders.