Marriage of Figaro‚ ENO 2006

Independent on Sunday

Olivia Fuchs is a spirited‚ fastidious and imaginative director‚ skilled at weaving small cruelties into the most calorific fantasies (Mayskaya Noch) and highlighting the tendernesses in otherwise brutal tragedies (Macbeth‚ Rusalka).

Macbeth‚ Opera Holland Park 2005


On a perfect summer evening‚ Opera Holland Park hit the ground running with a distinguished production of Verdi’s Macbeth by that venturesome director Olivia Fuchs.

Sunday Times

Fuchs’s handling of the witches — often sent up by serious directors embarrassed by Verdi’s jaunty‚ rollicking choruses — is one of the most striking aspects of her staging. They infiltrate Macbeth’s illicit court and celebrate Malcolm’s restoration by reconvening their coven to foment more mischief. Fuchs proposes a Macbeth that glories in the anarchic‚ disturbing power these women represent‚ and the female chorus rises magnificently to the occasion.

Don Giovanni‚ Opera North 2005

Sunday Times

Don Giovanni‚ that late 18th-century expression of female oppression and male come-uppance‚ is an opera that might have been made for a 21st-century revisionist director. Olivia Fuchs has made full use of the opportunity in her production for Opera North. Her trick is that she has encouraged us to view the work as if the Don had been raping his victims only yesterday. We are no longer distanced from the horror of what he does.